Kingston masonry

This dry stone retaining wall was constructed in reclaimed Kingston Limestone. In its previous incarnation, the stone had been part of a wall on the shores of Lake Ontario that had been slated for demolition. The material has a unique weathering that can be attributed to the constant exposure to the elements coming in off the lake, which we preserved as much as possible throughout our work on the wall.

The three foot high wall is interrupted by Limestone steps that provide access to the upper terrace. At the end of the wall is a four foot high battered gatepost that is mirrored with a matching gatepost on the opposite side of the driveway. 

In the place of traditional coping stones, the wall was capped with turf that extends out over the top of the wall, and serves to integrate the new wall with the terrace above. Combined with the weathered stone, this gives the wall the appearance of having existed here for many years.

Edgewater Stonemasons is a Kingston-based firm specializing in natural stonework. We are a member of Dry Stone Walling Across Canada (formerly the Dry Stone Wall Association of Canada) and work with clients to design and build dry stone projects in a variety of forms and materials.