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Edgewater Stonemasons is a Kingston, Ontario based firm specializing in masonry conservation and custom natural stonework. 

 We offer a full range of services related to masonry restoration, from assessments and investigations to material sourcing and repair work. 

Our dedicated team of craftsmen are continually striving to achieve the highest levels of workmanship, in the proud tradition of Kingston stonemasons.

Prior to establishing Edgewater Stonemasons, Craig Beattie completed the Heritage Masonry program at Algonquin College in Perth, as well as an apprenticeship with a Scottish master stonemason in the National Capital Region. This apprenticeship was served on top historic buildings across Canada, including the West Block of Parliament, the Governor General's Residence, and the Museum of Nature. 

Edgewater was chosen as our name to represent the role that geography has played in Kingston's historical development.