The longevity of Kingston's built heritage is a true testament to the architects and tradesmen who built this city. The desire to create something lasting was expressed by philosopher John Ruskin who said:  "When we build, let us build forever." 

It is this integrity of design and construction, combined with a solid understanding of the material and its environment that explains the incredible durability of these buildings 150 years later. 

Edgewater Stonemasons is dedicated  to reestablishing the level of craftsmanship that was so prevalent in Kingston's past. Our team has a unique combination of education, training, and experience that makes us well suited to the challenges of masonry restoration. Most importantly, we have a genuine passion for the work we do. We feel a responsibility to past and future generations to preserve these expressions of creativity and skill, that create a physical link to our past. 

Our experience on complex heritage projects enables us to offer clients a full range of heritage masonry services. Whenever possible, we utilize traditional methods and materials, and embrace the philosophy of 'like with like' in order to ensure compatibility between new repairs, and the original building fabric. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Masonry Inspections

  • Emergency stabilization

  • Brick and Stone Repointing

  • Lime Mortars

  • Rebuilds

  • Stone Replacement

  • Brick Replacement

  • Crack repairs

  • Dutchman repairs

  • Composite mortar repairs

  • Material sourcing

  • Mortar analysis

  • Masonry cleaning

  • Reproduction of architectural details